What If World Peace Starts With Self-Love? 

 June 20, 2016

I don’t watch the news. There is so much devastation across the world and I prefer to focus on the kindness that exists. My Mum thinks that’s naive of me… maybe you do too and thats ok, its ok to have a different point of view. I’m confident and comfortable enough not to let other peoples opinions affect how I think about myself… most of the time!

I say most of the time because I’m human and sometimes self-doubt crops up… but I have strategies to deal with the gremlins and get back on track.

So although I don’t watch the news it would be virtually impossible not be aware of the events in Orlando… or in the UK about the recent murder of a politician

And every-time I look at Facebook there is someone highlighting other atrocities that are taking place yet don’t get as much cover due to where they are in the world.

Now personally I don’t really understand the politics behind a lot of what is going on… and quite frankly I don’t want to because politics is about power and as far as I’m concerned the most important power is the power we have over ourselves…. Let’s call it our inner power

It seems to me that politics within society is about fear and fear drives hate. Inner power is about love, a love for ourself and when we TRULY love ourself we don’t need power over each other.

Wouldn’t it be great it countries and religions could love each other?

I know, I know… I sound like the beauty queen wishing for world peace!

World peace is too big though… theres nothing I can do about world peace. Theres nothing you can do about world peace either BUT I can have inner peace… more often and so can you!

I can get better at loving myself!

…and better at being kinder to myself!

I can set an example to my kids and my clients

I can be kind to someone who is homeless or lonely or struggling with depression or self-doubt

So actually I was lying about not being able to do anything about world peace because world peace starts with inner peace. Stopping the fear and hate in the world starts with loving ourself.

The whole idea of self love can come across as a bit airy-fairy, pink and fluffy


have self love anyway
teach self love anyway


Too simple?? maybe
Think I’m delusional, that’s ok… I love you anyway

Maybe in a world that is going mad it’s time to go back to basics! Maybe I can do something about world peace, maybe you can too because maybe world peace starts with self love…


Julia Harris

About the author

Julia Harris is The Upgrade Coach. She works with smart women who understand that the only thing holding them back from fulfilling their potential is the unhelpful thinking patterns keeping them trapped and the habits that they keep falling back into.

If you want to upgrade your life or business you start by upgrading your thoughts.

Julia Harris

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