Hi, I'm Julia Harris

I help women who are stressed and overwhelmed to have more time, energy and resilience so they can start creating a BIGGER life, with more peace, happiness and fulfilment. 

Here's How You Can Work With Me:

Overcome People Pleasing FREE Challenge (Coming soon)

In this FREE 5 day training you will discover how to overcome people pleasing without feeling guilty so that you can have more time, energy and freedom for yourself and your family. No more feeling resentful because people take you for granted, Plus you'll have the confidence to ask for what you need. 

Your Bigger Life Club

This is a membership club for women who know they were meant for more. They know there is more to life than struggle or feeling stuck and just settling for whatever comes their way. This is for you if you are ready to stop letting fear and self sabotage get in the way of your happiness and your success because you know that when you make the decision to be the best version of you and create a BIGGER life, that decision has a ripple effect on everyone around you.

The Art of Resilience

Sick of not making progress on your dreams? Has life worn you down and you want to be able to bounce back quicker and stronger? Ready to overcome EVERYTHING that stands in your way? The Art Of Resilience has the mindset and motivation tricks to overcome obstacles and write our own success story so that you can finally upgrade to the life you deserve.

Calm Mum Bootcamp

Are you sick and tired of feeling guilty, exhausted, stressed out, having no time to yourself and of feeling like a failure at home and work? The Calm Mum Bootcamp takes you through a system that really works to help you have more time and energy, less stress and guilt and a happier family life in less than 90 days! Imagine: Having the time and energy to have fun with your family AND be able to take "me time" without feeling guilty and overwhelmed

If you would rather work with me 1:1

Transformational Intensive

A 3 month personalised journey where you’ll learn about what has kept you from achieveing your goals (it probably won't be what you think) You will create healty boundaries and have the clarity and focus to get better results FASTER, with the added by-product of having more time and energy with less stress and guilt .

At the end of the 3 month you'll be calm, confident and back in control with a toolkit of resources in your back pocket that you can use for the rest of your life.

Just imagine... no more struggle, exhaustion and overwhelm, instead you'll be happier, more fulfilled and be a better role model to your kids.

Your investment is only £2500

Your Bigger Life with Julia Harris