December 3


What Are You Tolerating?

Imagine having more energy or more time to focus on the things you really want. Imagine being able to move forward in your life without some of your current stress. Doesn’t that sound good?

We all have things in our life that we just put up with or tolerate, for example, a cluttered desk, a squeaky door, a sloppy significant other or child, even STRESS. While the tolerations may not seem to be a big deal on the surface…don’t be fooled, they all mount up!!

Tolerations drain us of valuable energy. They prevent us from moving forward. They are a distraction and they waste time, time that could be spent on something proactive and productive.

What are you tolerating and how are those tolerations serving you?

There is no better time than the present to become free of draining tolerations!! Here is an exercise that will help you get a handle on those things that are draining you…

1) Make a list of all the things you feel you are currently tolerating.

2) Once you have your list in hand, go over it and look for the pivotal tolerations. A pivotal toleration, when removed, removes other tolerations with it.

3) Look at what is causing your tolerations and be sure to remove the cause or the root of the toleration. (A toleration is like a weed, if you do not remove the root, the toleration will just return.)

4) If your toleration list feels overwhelming, again first look for all the pivotal tolerations, transferring three or four to a new list. Breaking your list down into bite-sized pieces will help it become more manageable and less overwhelming.



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  • Great article with really useful perspective, helped me to realise I am tolerating a lot in my life, and yes Julia it is really draining! Thanks

  • Great article! I can think of several little things which I need to make clear I no longer wish to tolerate. Sometimes it seems easier to just let it go – meaning that we never get the problem sorted!

    • You’re right Elaine, you have to weigh up the longer term costs and benefits of letting something go against fixing the thing that you are tolerating. It’s not always easy to do when we are in the middle of a “situation” so I always encourage clients to think about what they would advise someone else to do if it was a situation they weren’t involved in and were looking at from a 3rd party perspective

  • Couldn’t agree more Julia. We have to ‘get rid of the old’ before we can ‘make way for the new’. Why tolerate ANYTHING that makes us feel unhappy or drains us of our precious energy.

    • We certainly do Tina even though we sometimes hang on to the old because its “safe” and the alternative is the unknown which can be a scary place.

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