February 27


What Are Angel Cards?

You have probably heard of tarot or oracle cards… angel cards are a type of tarot card. They are both used for the same purpose – doing readings, exploring oneself and divining the future. Tarot cards never particularly resonated with me but then I found angel cards and was drawn to buy a set.

Then my logical brain kicked in and…

I quickly hid my shiny new angel cards.

After all, something that told the future… yeah right!

I thought I was a bit mad for buying them. I didn’t want anyone else thinking I had lost my marbles. But when I was alone at home I’d get them out and “play” with them.

They come with a guide book so this blog isn’t intended to be a guide to angel cards. I simply want to tell why I find them useful in case you would too.

Usually I keep things simple so I only use them to answer one question: “Tell me what I need to know” Sometimes I will be more specific and ask “Tell me what I need to know about my business / finances etc.”

Then after shuffling the cards I would cut them in half and take the one on the top. Sometimes a card would jump out of the pack (in other words you would drop one) and “proper” angel card readers would tell you that card was meant for you. I’m much more sceptical and would hedge my bets by reading the one I dropped and the card on the top.

… and by read I literally mean read the description in the guide book.

At times the card would mean nothing to me and my extremely dominant logical left brain would kick in and chastise me for being silly enough to buy something like that in the first place and…

Sometimes the card would make me go WOW!!

I had enough wow cards to keep me using them and to get a lot out of them.

Now let me explain angel cards are supposed to give you messages from your angels. At this time I didn’t know if I believed in angels and I still don’t but let me recap the definition of angel cards…

Angel cards are for doing readings, exploring oneself and divining the future.

Readings and telling the future didn’t resonate with me BUT “exploring oneself” has always been a bit of an obsession of mine.

So the way I explained them to myself was that the message on the card and in the accompanying guidebook is simply wise advice. The advice can be interpreted in different ways. Then  our brain will automatically look to apply that advice to whatever problem / situation is on our mind.

My logical side has always wanted to know how and why. Now however I’m much more open minded and realise that the how and the why don’t always matter, the only things that matter are if its helpful.

For example, I don’t really understand how gravity works but I know it does and it’s definitely helpful.

One of the things that amazes me is that when I have gone through challenging situations in the past and feel lost I often turn to my angel cards and I find that the same card often crops up several times over a period of weeks.

You might think its just maths as there are only 52 cards. But I would only draw one maybe 2-3 times a week. Then despite getting recurring cards crop up there are still times when I choose a “new” totally unfamiliar card. This is always surprises me as I’ve been using them now for around 15 years.

I no longer hide my angel cards…

hey sit next to my computer most of the time, they have done for the last few years. My husband and kids have not asked me what they are or why I use them.  If they did no matter how I explained them I don’t think they would understand but that’s ok because it no longer matters to me that people don’t understand me, why would it… I no longer understand myself but that’s ok because the need to understand myself came from a place of fear.

I now have a deep knowing that I’m ok, everything is ok… or it it feels like its not it will be soon.  Now I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’m not broken…

I’m simply a flawed human being. Sometimes I do start to think that I am broken… then I tune back into the REAL me. I think about the powerful version of me underneath the layers of self doubt and disempowering beliefs that society covered me in.

In a way this blog is a way of coming out of the spiritual closet…

I also want to give you permission to explore things you are drawn to even though they make no sense. There is a lesson in everything we do so long as we look for it. Learn to let go of understanding the “why” and the “how”



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