August 29


Success is about feeling fulfilled

successI do what I do because I love seeing people fulfill their potential but I was fed up of seeing programs and books that claimed to give the steps to success but failed to address the fact that we are all unique, we learn differently, we have different values, different beliefs and want different things from life.

Success isn’t a destination, it isn’t how much you earn, where you go on holiday, what you do for a living. In my opinion you’re not a success just because you’re earning six or seven figures if the stress is actually killing you.

To me success is about feeling fulfilled in every area of life, it’s about making a difference to other people’s lives, it’s about being authentic to yourself. Success looks different for everybody but inside it feels the same.

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  • If you don’t feel like a success inside it doesn’t matter what others think of you and your achievements you won’t feel fulfilled
  • If the negative voices inside your head are telling you that you’re a failure or a fraud it doesn’t matter than other people tell you how fantastic you are, you will still feel like a fraud
  • If you see every minor mistake you make it doesn’t matter if other people see how great the bigger picture is


Feeling like a success inside as well as looking like success on the outside starts with you. And if you think there’s nothing you can do about your situation you’re wrong…

Who said “it’s not that easy?”

You’re right it’s not easy!

Staying trapped and stuck in a rut is much easier, believing you don’t have a choice is easier, thinking “one day…” is much, much easier!

But I guarantee if you make the decision to do the work to find out what true success looks, feels and sounds like to you then you will never look back.

In my next post I’m going to share one of the most important personal development exercises anybody can do. Most people who read the post will not do the exercise. They may think it’s a bit woo woo or they will think they already know the answer or maybe they even truly believe that their life is beyond their control and that I’m talking rubbish.

The other 2% or so will learn something about them self that is one of the biggest keys to feeling fulfilled.


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