March 7


Sorry but it’s time for me to have a rant!

I need toActually I”m not sorry at all. I’m going to have a rant because sometimes people don’t listen until voices are raised and we really say how we feel.


I used to shout at my kids on a morning to get ready because I was constantly stressed out. Shouting was my default way of communicating at home because I wasn’t in control of myself, my thoughts or my behaviour.


Now I’m pretty much always in control of how I feel about things. But I still shout at my teenage son!! The difference though is I think of it as “strategic shouting”. Sometimes his hormones turn him into well…. a teenager….  and when I raise my voice he knows his, now “chilled out  most of the time” Mum means business.


What has that got to do with me having a rant with you though..  well I’ll tell you…


I am a coach because I want to help people like you who are less than happy with one or more aspects of life. When I talk about life that includes your career or business too because very few people can separate home and work.


Most people reading this want to improve a particular aspect of life therefore I want to help people just like you.


So that means we want the same thing….




when I look at my newsletter open rates almost twice as many people open emails with the subject “My husband tried to sabotage me” or “oops I did it again”  than they did when the subject was my most recent email “How to find time for you


Why is that, when people I speak to constantly tell me the one thing they would change is having more “me time”?


Well its simple….


Human beings are naturally curious so you want to know what my husband did to sabotage me, thats ok!!!  Unfortunately human beings also sabotage themselves day in and day out and that’s not ok…


You have beliefs that hold you back, keep you stuck and stop you from believing that things can change…


And you’re wrong!!


If you are one of the people who absolutely believes “nothing will change, life sucks and then you die” then my newsletter isn’t for you and you should use the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. If you don’t receive my newsletter but you want to and you dont think “nothing changes” just enter your details in the boxes at the end of this post.


If however you just know that you want a better life and you want to role model a happier, more fulfilled, more resilient version of you to your loved ones then…  that starts with the decision to do something different. That might be buying a self help book or it might be working with a coach or doing an online programme.


I might be the right coach for you, I might not, but thinking that coaching won’t work for you when you haven’t experienced it is STUPID… sorry to be harsh but it is a very blinkered, self sabotaging point of view.


Think of this blog as a “strategic rant” on my part because I want to jolt you out of your everyday self-defeating thoughts because I wish someone had done that to me sooner.




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