•  Has constantly putting others first left you feeling burned out, resentful and unhappy?
  •  Maybe you over-analyse and worry about "what-if's" which leads to insecurity, procrastination and overwhelm?
  •  You know you self sabotage and it makes you feel fed up, unfulfilled and feeling like a failure!

In a perfect world you are Calm, Confident and In Control. Here in the real world though…that feels like a million miles away… Am I right?
It is possible and I want to show you how!

You find yourself snapping and stressed out.
You think about the future all the time and feel as though something is missing.
You wake up in the mornings, promising today will be a new day, but you’re stressed and shoutingbefore you know it.

STOP feeling like you are
forever running on empty
STOP feeling stressed and guilty
STOP asking “is this it?”
STOP feeling exhausted and overwhelmed

You will be guilt free with time and space for YOU
You will feel refreshed and resilient and in control of your life again
You will identify and shift everything that is holding you back and finally see a happy, fulfilling future ahead

How much time have you already wasted by holding yourself back?


Stressed To Refreshed is for women who are ready to:

  •  Ditch self doubt and limiting beliefs
  •  Have the breakthroughs they need to finally start living a confident life.
  •  Create the self belief to take action on their big scary goals
  •  Get results without stress and overwhelm


Be calm, confident & back in control -  

Learn to let go of the identity that society has given you. Then you can and get clear on your true identity so that you can finally stop feeling like something is missing and start fulfilling your potential!

Get focused - 

so that you can stop drifting through life from one idea to the next and start making the difference that you are here to make

Stop worrying - 

because when you always put others first you burn out FAST and burned out women aren't living their best life

Get out of your own way - 

so that you know the perfect strategy to eliminate blocks FAST

Be resilient - 

When you truly, deeply know yourself you can focus your strengths AND protect yourself from feeling vulnerable

In 28 days I will take you STEP by STEP from
Stressed to Refreshed!
Week 1
We look at the challenges you face and how to stay calm, confident and in control. The program will help you understand why you’re stressed or overwhelmed, and what has been keeping you like that. Amongst other things you will end up with successful strategies for building your resilience to the challenges of every day life
Week 2
It’s time to review your strengths and much, much more, you will uncover how to use the skills and strengths that you already have so that you start to make big improvements in your life and with your goals. At this stage, I introduce the importance of looking after yourself, as well as identifying how you can set clear boundaries around your own needs so you can keep your energy high and your stress levels low.
Week 3
It’s time to tackle those tricky emotions we all feel at times – why guilt is a wasted emotion and how important it is to be able to let things go. As we begin to shift your mindset from what’s wrong to what’s right, you will be gain tools for better communication, so that stress and overwhelm become a thing of the past.
Week 4
We highlight those all important habits for success – your success, whatever that looks like to you, as well as techniques for knocking procrastination on the head so that you are more productive with the time you have. I’ll encourage you to explore things you can do differently for more desirable results in the future. Mindful of the pitfalls you face moving forward, the programme explains how to cope with dips in confidence and those times when you all seem to be reverting to less resourceful behaviours.

To put it simply you will be happier, more confident and less stressed!
(pssst... and that rubs off on everyone around you!)


6 Video Master Classes Teaching How To Be Your Best Self :
Finding Balance At Work & At home

Duration: 1h

Is balance possible? Does it exist? Well if your life ever feels out of balance, I tell you what to do and how to do it in this popular masterclass.

Stop Perfectionism From Crippling You

Duration: 1h

You already know that you are a perfectionist, but here's how to handle that side of you AND feel good about the results!

Turn Your Inner Critic Into Your Best Friend

Duration: 1h 

Self-doubt is a killer, but it always contains a powerful message that you can learn from and use to your advantage.

Have More Time & Energy With Less Stress & Guilt

Duration: 1h 

If you are running around after everyone else and still worrying and feeling guilty that you aren't doing enough, then you need this class.

Overcome Overwhelm & Procrastination

Duration: 1h 

If procrastination is keeping you stuck, it's time to understand how much it costs you and learn to stop it in its tracks!

Essential Principle For Being Calm, Confident & In Control

Duration: 1h 

Do you get accused of being over emotional? Let me show you how to stay calm and be back in control of your emotions.

AND 2 Secret BONUS classes!



My 4 week step by step program "How To Be Calm, Confident & Back In Control" This is an invaluable addition to the site valued at £497

Work through the program daily for 4 weeks or at your own pace, or pick and choose the parts you need when you need them


Monthly group coaching calls so that you can ask me questions or get live coaching without the expense of working with me 1:1

This alone is worth the cost of the membership site. Get coached live on the call or listen to others. Either way you will receive powerful insights


"How To" Cheatsheets, life hacks, coaching tools, workbooks and PDF's to navigate life's challenging situations with ease and flow

The long-term goal might be self-actualisation, but sometimes we just need a quick and dirty tool to get better results faster

Follow this program and in 28 days you will benefit from…
▪A calmer, confident, controlled approach to life:
Better relationships with others
Increased self-esteem
Be the role model you want to be

You will have time and energy to enjoy life:
Have quality time with loved ones
More fun in your life
Habits of success

You will also get stress and guilt under control:
Because you are ENOUGH!
You need to look after yourself first
Short-term fixes just don’t cut it
What Other People Are Saying:
The sessions gave me the tools to realise where I was going wrong and started to show me that simple small steps can get great results fast.  My life since finishing the programme has been more calm.  My family have noticed results and my better mood has altered the general mood in the house (for the better) – K Unwin UK
I realised that I was stuck in a rut and found it hard to effectively manage my daily workload and to deal with unexpected events.  Julia helped me to adopt a fluid approach and to be more flexible with how I planned and did things. This helped me to reduce my stress levels and to become much more comfortable with handling unexpected situations, as well as using my time in more productive ways. Now, I have direction in my life and am feeling uplifted – HP, London

▪A short and effective module every week day for 28 days
▪2 coaching calls with me by Skype or telephone
▪Lifetime access to this life changing programme
3 Essential Ingredients For Success
We all need a little extra motivation at times to stay on track and finish what we’ve started so I am going to include a Facebook group with the program so that you are surrounded by a community of other women just like you. I’ll pop into the group daily to answer questions but when you are feeling alone and like nobody understands, just reach out in the facebook group (it will be totally private) and I know you will receive amazing support
I’ll check in with you online once a week to see how you are doing, answer any questions and give you that extra accountability that makes a BIG difference because I’ll follow up with you to make sure you are taking the action that you want to take. Accountability is hugely important if you’re a serial procrastinator or a perfectionist.
Last but definitely not least you also get 1:1 support from me.  I am including 2 thirty minute laser telephone or Skype coaching calls with me. If you need a kick to get going that’s what you’ll get. If it’s time to be kinder to yourself, I’ll remind you. When you can’t see the wood for the trees, I’ll help you get unstuck.
The Program
▪1 module every week day for 28 days consisting of a combination of tools, exercises or videos to take you on your journey from stressed and shouty to calm, confident and back in control
▪Access to your own private online coaching space that stores all of your materials, only you and I can access it. Work on the program anywhere you can get online, no need for heavy, books or files
▪A weekly online accountability journal to record your insights and successes
▪Additional reminder checklists, affirmations and motivational posters to print out and keep handy for a quick boost of inspiration
The 3 Factors that make the difference
▪Motivation – We all need a little extra motivation at times to stay on track and finish what we’ve started so I will invite you to my private Facebook group so that you are surrounded by a community of other women just like you. I’ll pop into the group daily to answer questions but when you are feeling alone and like nobody understands, just reach out in the facebook group (it will be totally private) and I know you will receive amazing support
▪Accountability – I’ve included a weekly accountability module because accountability makes a BIG difference. Accountability is hugely important if you’re a serial procrastinator or a perfectionist. 
▪Support – Coaching calls with me will get you going and keep you going so that nothing will stop you getting back to calm, confident and in control
And of course there are the bonuses…
▪A BONUS module on time management to help you prepare for the program by making the best use of your time.
▪PLUS at the end of the program you get my “Maintain the motivation” module to keep you on track
▪Q.How do I know if this program is for me?
A.Well, basically there are 3 main reasons to work with me, and here they are: 1. You are busy, stressed out, overwhelmed and overworked and at the end of your tether. 2. You want life to be better and you realise that investing time and money in yourself NOW will impact the rest of your life and the lives of those around you. 3. You want to work with someone who understands we are all unique and helps youfind the right path for YOU rather than using a one size fits all approach
▪Q.What if I can’t commit to a 28 day program?
A.The program is flexible. I have designed this to fit around your life, I know how busy you are, I know you don’t have a lot of time. I also know you are fed up and want things to be different. I’ve written this as a 28 day program so that you canbuild momentum by spending 30 minutes or less on yourself. But you can take it at a pace that works for you or take a break if something crops up because you haveaccess to the material forever 
▪Q.How much time will it take up?
A.I know what you are thinking. You don’t have time for something else! But allow up to 30 minutes per day and your life will change. Some days the lessons will be shorter or you can “save up” the daily modules and do several when you have a few hours free. Everyone can find an extra 30 minutes each day for something that is important to them. Is your quality of life, your health, your sanity, your family important enough to you?
▪Q.What is your refund policy?
A.I offer a 60 day money back guarantee all I ask is that you show me you have done the work.
▪Q.Where does this happen?
A.In the comfort of your own home or a local coffee shop or even at work in your lunch hour, in fact anywhere you have a network connection. All of the material is online and the calls are by Skype or telephone
▪Q.How can anything make me less stressed?
A.I understand, I felt like that too but if you let me guide you for 28 days I’ll take you step by step down a different path which will give you everything you need to have more time and energy with less stress ang guilt. And don’t forget the money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!
I’m Julia Harris I coach and mentor smart, busy women to STOP and REBOOT so they can ditch overwhelm and exhaustion and take action to UPGRADE to a life they love!
Have you had enough of being stressed and shouty, and how horrible it makes you feel afterwards? I understand. I’ve been where you are but…
I’m happy to say that I put an end to the feeling that I had no control over my life. I am now calm, confident and in control. I live a life where I’m doing the things that make me happy, with a future that excites me. I’m free of the anxiety, worries and guilt that used to make me so stressed and shouty all of the time. I’ve stopped trying to be everything to everyone and developed systems, strategies and solutions that mean I have enough time and energy for me and my family.

A few years ago, I was bad tempered and grumpy. I stopped feeling as though I was a good wife and mum because I shouted about little things and always felt like I was being pulled in a million different directions. Life was total chaos; rushing from A to B ; watching the clock in the car as I got stuck in traffic and knew I’d be late for work; the constant demands of my job; dashing home to pick the kids up; cooking tea; etc, etc, etc. No wonder I was shattered!
I thought I needed to be BETTER, to manage my time better, to organise the house better, to be better at delegating, be better at everything really.
In hindsight, I was doing what we women so often do. I was putting myself last. The children needed me, my husband needed me, and my team at work needed me. I didn’t want to ask for help, I believed it was my job to be the strong one. The more under pressure I felt to be all-singing, all-dancing all of the time, the more I was stressed and shouty at home.
I felt guilty and frustrated! I had the loving husband, family, career, nice car and house that society teaches us to aspire to, yet I still felt as though something was missing. Despite all I had achieved, I felt out of control and used to imagine running away from it all.
So I went on a mission to change things, to drop the guilt, get to the root of my stress and to stop all the shouting!
I tried a lot of things on my journey from stressed to refreshed – some worked well, others less so. What I realised is that, to make changes in your life that are sustainable, you have to shift your mindset and have the right support. Thankfully, I found both once I started to work with a coach.
What I learned was I didn’t need to be better, I WAS ENOUGH. The people around me at work and at home wanted me, the real me, not the stressed out me, not a perfect housewife version of me, not a Super Mum not a perfect manager giving a false impression of how easy “having and doing it all is”
Rushing from A-B is normal, its OK, its unavoidable a lot of the time but for happy, healthy and lasting success add three C’s into the equation…. Calm, Confidence and Control so that you can balance out the juggling and the rushing and the times when things don’t go to plan
I realised I was a leader, at home and at work!! I didn’t want my daughter to grow up and feel the way I felt when she had a family and a job. I could tell her to do things differently or I could lead by example…. I knew what would be more effective!!
Now I want to help other women just like you who want to feel calm, confident and back in control by realising that enough is enough and that as a leader its time for them to stop the self sabotage and learn a different, simpler, more fulfiling way of moving through life.



BONUS 1 | Heal Your Inner Child Exercise

Most of our limiting beliefs can be connected back to something we experienced in childhood. You may feel like it shouldn't affect you anymore, but the fact is that our early experiences become deeply rooted. This MP3 will help you to heal your inner child

BONUS 2 | 21 Instant Energy Tips ebook

Tired all the time? In this short ebook I share 21 simple tricks for more energy RIGHT NOW!

BONUS 3 | Annual Goal Setting Workbook

Get clear on what you want and how you will get it. Use this workbook quarterly or annually to stay on track


This is a monthly subscription program. You can cancel at anytime but when you see the value you won't want to!

There are books, coaches, courses that promise to show you how to get everything you ever wanted in life and they contain a lot of great advice BUT they all have one flaw!   YOU ARE HUMAN!

Now although I do believe the human brain is like a computer and our default thinking patterns are like software... sadly unlike computers we can't simply upgrade our software with the push of a button.

We CAN train our brain to operate differently and that's what I show you how to do in the Beliefs & Breakthroughs Club but it doesn't happen overnight, it happens with commitment and consistency!

The other problem with being human is OTHER HUMANS! Sometimes life sucks... no matter how positive you are life can get REALLY tough at times. Joining the club will increase your resilience and give you:

> a positive community of like-minded women

> somewhere to go for monthly live"ask me anything" coaching

> a choice of resources to help you bounce back quicker from any challenge


Before my session with you I felt very fuzzy about the situation. There were so many issues, eventualities and worries going around and around in my mind. I found that I was just spinning on my wheels and not progressing in my work. Your session really helped to clear these, and helped me to see with clarity that this is simply a block, that the things that I was worried about may not even eventuate, but if they do I have the strength and wisdom to see them through with solutions already mapped out should the worst happen. There was no excuse to keep stalling, and I have already started to write about my experience which was what my concerns had prevented me from doing. I’d really recommend that anyone who is feeling blocked, overwhelmed or stuck with a situation have a session with you to get clarity and a simple action plan. Thanks for your help!

Keri Williams

Julia's Focus session gave me so much clarity about what I was missing in my life. I wondered for months, and just felt "off". I lacked excitement and was often unsettled by it. Julia helped me to see the things that are really valuable and most important in my life. I am now clear and focused on how I should be living my life and running my business. Thank you Julia!

Jenn Scalia

Julia holds such a safe and powerful space to explore and resolve issues.I would highly recommend her work for anyone who is stuck or foggy around an issue that is holding you back.

I'm feeling very focused and prepared now & can't wait to finally move out of this but will enjoy the journey on the way to my result"

Sarah Leather

Your Bigger Life with Julia Harris