May 19


The Power Of Perspective

I want you to take a moment to think about the power of perspective…

Where you ever told to “stop showing off” when you were a child? Do you find it difficult as an adult to “show up and shine”?

Have you ever thought that the 2 are highly likely to be related?  If you have trouble achieving your goals then it will be limiting beliefs holding us back.

I was talking to someone yesterday who was procrastinating about doing what she wanted to do and was more than capable of doing to take her business to the next level. After digging under the surface there was a fear of rejection but mainly it was the belief that “nice girls don’t show off”

When we were talking about her children though she LOVED IT when they showed off because in them she saw it as shining and being confident…

You are taught your beliefs as children…


It is easier said than done to adopt new beliefs but it all starts with awareness. Awareness is the first step to getting better results faster.

So are you showing off or showing up? It really is all about the power of perspective!


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