May 6


Perfectionism Hurts Your Business

I used to be a slave to perfectionism.  I soon learned that was a sure way to get nowhere fast in business. If someone is offended by a typo in my blog  post then they aren’t my ideal customer.

But being on camera is something I’ve never been very comfortable with. One of my early mentors told me that I wasn’t “high energy” enough on my videos and I needed to smile more.

That knocked my confidence because doing videos that the whole world could see them was way outside my comfort zone. But I’ve always challenged myself to “feel the fear and do it anyway”

I’ve been told my whole life to “SMILE, ITS NOT THAT BAD!!”.

Well here’s the thing, I’m an introvert.  If I’m not smiling its probably because I’m mulling something over in my head.


Sorry, I almost started to rant!!

Anyway I found a coach and mentor that got me and understood the value of authenticity. She believed like I do that perfectionism can seriously hinder business. She too also believed that  good enough is good enough.

But despite being comfortable on video now I would usually make a bit of an effort if a video was promoting a product or a webinar. Or I would do a cute animated video so I didn’t have to be on camera.

Then I decided to do a webinar about the cost of perfectionism and how to get over it. I decided that I was going to lead by example and save myself 1 hour plus $297


Normally I would spend an hour doing my hair and make up before I did a video for the registration page.  Or I would spend an hour or more doing an animated video.This time I shot the video there and then with dirty hair and yesterdays make up!!

(Yes I know not taking my make-up off every night is a sin)

Not getting “done up” saved me at least an hour.  and an hour of my time when I work with a client is $297 therefore thats how much I saved by not being a perfectionist.


If you, your business, your brand is all about glamour then doing a video in yesterdays make up isn’t a good idea but I guarantee there are still 101 things that you could do differently to save time, energy and money by turning down the dial on perfectionism.

I however am not about glamour unless its a special occassion… I’m a “get stuff done, quickly and simply kind of a girl” so the clients I love to work with don’t even notice whether my hair is clean or not, or if my roots need doing (they did)

So…. what have you been putting off because of perfectionism?


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