overcome people pleasing without guilt 

Day 1

It's time to open your eyes!

Todays video helps you get true AWARENESS of the consequences (to you and and to others in your life) of being a people pleaser

Day 2

what is keeping you trapped?

Today we uncovered the disempowering BELIEFS and the negative stories you tell yourself that keep you repeating the self-sabotaging people pleasing behaviour

Day 3

challenging the status quo

In day 3 we look at how you can CHALLENGE your self sabotaging habits with a new way of thinking so you can create healthy habits that are easy to stick to.

Day 4

How to talk so others listen

I gave you an easy formula to COMMUNICATE with others so that you can say what you need to say in a way that avoids conflict and makes sure you are heard... Plus a couple of extra bonus communication tips

Day 5

creating your new normal

In day 5 it was time to CREATE a shift in the way you operate and use what you've learned over the past 4 days to set boundaries that create more time, energy and freedom

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