ARE YOU READY to take your life back and stop settling for second best!

Let me tell you about a program that helps you identify and eliminate your disempowering beliefs and self sabotaging behaviours and gives you tools and techniques to be happy, confident and fulfilled


Take Your Life Back And Change Your Life Forever!

Real confidence is about how you feel. It's nothing to do with the way your life looks on Facebook. It's about loving who you are exactly the way you are! It also means having the ability to stretch your comfort zone so you feel excited about the future rather than staying safe and feeling like you're missing out.

Negative self talk is debilitating so Take Your Life Back shows you how to mind your language and banish those crippling negative thoughts for good. And when life does through you a curve ball, you aren't going to be able to use you new healthy mindset to bounce right back. 

Take Your Life Back guides you to feel strong, confident and in control of life. No more feeling lost, lonely and stuck. Take Your Life Back helps you discover exactly what will make you happy and how to get it.overwhelm and being pulled in a million directions. No more anxiety and overwhelm. 


Transform Your Life

These 4 Modules will will show you how to Take Your Life Back


You can stop feeling like you've lost yourself. This modules will show you how to find the REAL version of you and to love who you are.


Instead of feeling like something is missing from your life you are going to know what you want and how to get it.


Learn to be strong and stay strong when life gets tough. and develop the confidence and self belief to stop sabotaging your success.


You will discover how to improve all of your relationships with friends, family, colleagues and loved ones.

TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK is not about having a perfect life, it's about having the courage to stop accepting second best and believing that you deserve better and most importantly that you have the ability to change your life for the better!

About Julia

Julia knows that nothing changes until we choose to change it.

She is a reformed people pleasing perfectionist who discovered the hard way that stretching herself too far, for too long and constantly putting herself last leads to stress and overwhelm. 

When she finally said "enough is enough" she went on a mission to take her life back, reclaim her identity, rebuild her confidence and develop a positive and healthy mindset. Now she is passionate about teaching others to do the same.

Choose to take your life back today!

Imagine if life was easy and fun...

Imagine if you believed that you deserved a life that was easy and fun! 

TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK gives you everything you need

You get lifetime access to 4 modules that each follow the proven Take Your Life Back framework.

You will get videos, worksheets, tools and techniques that make this program uniquely placed to help you simply and quickly Take Your Life Back 

Access to a dedicated private Facebook group where you can get your questions answered and connect with other likeminded women


What People Are Saying...


I am now clear and focused on how I should be living my life and running my business

"Julia gave me so much clarity about what I was missing in my life. I wondered for months, and just felt "off". I lacked excitement and was often unsettled by it. Julia helped me to see the things that are really valuable and most important in my life"

Jenn Scalia 


Immediately (and I mean immediately) Julia identified a block and GOt me on track

“She is a whizz clearing blocks, helping get clarity and developing strategies that are relevant to where you are at that moment. I felt supported and filled with information and enthusiasm to get going after being stalled by a huge life change. Quickly I was back on my path and moving with flow between my two roles.

Rebecca Grainger


Now, I have direction in my life and AM feeling uplifted

“Julia helped me to evaluate my approach to parenting and to consider, explore and develop a wide range of possibilities. I realised that I was stuck in a rut and found it hard to effectively manage my daily workload and to deal with unexpected events. Julia helped me to adopt a fluid approach and to be more flexible with how I planned and did things. This helped me to reduce my stress levels and to become much more comfortable with handling unexpected situations, as well as using my time in more productive ways”

HP. London 



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    You are sick of settling and are ready to take your life back
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    You feel unhappy, unfulfilled or just plain stuck
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    You know that life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured
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    You are positive, coachable and ready to take 100% responsibility for life


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    You aren't ready to invest time in taking your life back
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    You like complaining about how bad your life is
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    You think that life is hard and there is nothing you can do about it
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    You aren't prepared to change your thinking or stretch your comfort zone
Take Your Life Back In 4 Weeks

I am so confident that Take Your Life Back will change your life for the better that I'm giving you a 30 day money back guarantee. Try this online program risk free for 30 days and if you do not get value from it just send me a message and I'll refund your money, no questions asked!


Whether you show up as the fun you or the frazzled you that version ripples out and impacts everyone around you. That is why being the best version of you, the REAL YOU makes the world a better place.

Bonus Time

Sign up today to get access to these bonuses

Bonus Module 1 - Finding Balance

In this bonus module we look at how you keep all of those balls in the air


Bonus Module 2 - Energy Management

You can have more energy without hiring a cook, chauffeur, cleaner and nanny. This is my favourite subject because we have total control over our energy levels so I am going to show you how to supercharge them. When you have more energy everything else becomes effortless.


2 Office hours Q&A Calls

Get live coaching and all of your questions answered with 2 bonus Q&A calls

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Stop Being A People Pleaser Training

Package 3 only £99

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    5 daily assignments
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    5 videos

Take Your Life Back Course

Package 2 only £147

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    LIFE TIME ACCESS to 4 modules with tools and techniques that you can use every day in all walks of life that will change your life
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    Checklists and worksheets 
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    Private Facebook group
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    BONUS - stop being a people pleaser training
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    BONUS - 2 Q&A calls
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    BONUS Finding balance module
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    BONUS Energy management module
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    PLUS the stop being a people pleaser training

Take Your Life Back Course + 3 Coaching Sessions

Package 3 only £599

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    you get everything from package 2 PLUS
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    4 additional 1:1 coaching calls that last 1 hour each


Don't Have Any Regrets: Get Take Your Life Back Today!

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