May 18


Here’s Why You Must Stop Multi-Tasking!

The multi-tasking myth.

Work life balance concept

As a busy working mum I used to think that the only way I could get everything done was by multi-tasking.

Women are taught to believe that multi-tasking makes us more efficient. This is NOT true! Research has shown that multi-tasking produces sub standard work and subjects us to more stress because it drains our mental energy.


Which busy woman needs more stress? Not me and not you either I’d like to bet!! 

Multi tasking actually involves swapping quickly between tasks so the brain takes longer to switch on to the new task. Focusing 100% on one task at a time is much more efficient and less stressful.

But there is always an exception to every rule so…

Stop being a sloppy multi-tasker and start being a smart multi tasker. Some tasks need your full attention but others are things that are so routine that you are almost on auto pilot while you are doing them. This is when you should be a smart multi-tasker. For example I always listen to something informative while I’m doing the ironing. It may be the recording of a webinar that I’ve signed up for, or the latest audio book that I’ve downloaded. Likewise if I’m walking the dogs or doing some form of exercise I will always be listening to something like an educational podcast.

But the exception to the exception is those days when I’m feeling really frazzled or lacking in creativity. On those days there is nothing better than a walk along the beach WITHOUT headphones to get me feeling motivated again. I get some of my best ideas when I’m outside on my own so in a way I am still multi tasking but its SMART multi-tasking.

What can you do to stop the unproductive SLOPPY multi-tasking and start being an effective, SMART mult-tasker instead?



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