Day 4 | Mindful Eating

Welcome to Day 4 of

5 Days Of More Mindfulness

Did you do the mindful feeling exercise yet? I hope you found it helpful.

I'll let you into a secret. Most people will have given up by now. They will have told themselves things like:

  • I haven't got time to do that
  • I can't do that
  • It doesn't work for me

None of those things are true. Unfortunately some people have a fixed mindset. They think that their intelligence, abilities, traits etc are fixed and they can't change them so there is no point even trying.

You are still here which means you have a growth mindset meaning you believe that your abilities can be developed with learning, effort and persistence.... Give yourself a pat on the back!

Today we’re going to be discussing the important subject of mindful eating.


Very few people actually pay ATTENTION to what they are eating.

They RUSH through their meals, wanting to QUICKLY move to the next thing.

Or they mindlessly scroll through their phone, not giving ANY thought to the food in front of them.

They eat past the point of fullness.

They eat to NUMB their feelings.

They don’t SAVOUR and enjoy the experience of eating.

Through mindful eating, you CONNECT your mind and body. You truly TASTE what you’re eating, feeling textures and subtleties of flavours.

You CONCENTRATE on the beautiful experience of eating.

Mindful eating allows every meal to be an occasion. 


Choose a snack or meal you would normally eat.

During this time, bring all your attention to your meal. Be kind toward yourself and maintain an attitude of curiosity and exploration.

Take a moment to be aware of your body. Feel any sensations of hunger, both pleasant and unpleasant. Take several deep breaths.

Assess the food in front of you. Use all of your senses. Study it closely. It’s shape. It’s colour. Smell it deeply, noting the different notes and aromas.

Take a bite, and focus on what you’re experiencing. Are you tasting salty? Sweet? Tangy? What textures are you encountering? Savour each mouthful without rushing.

As the meal progresses, pay attention to the feelings of hunger and fullness. If you’re hungry, keep eating. As you become full, gently give yourself permission to stop.

When you stop, take note of the thoughts and feelings that occur. Are you believing anything about food or eating in that moment?

Finish the meal with complete presence. Use the same level of mindfulness on the last bite as you did the first.

Tomorrow we’ll wrap up the challenge with the soothing practice of mindful relaxation.

Until then, share what this experience was like for you. Was it challenging to eat this way? Have you ever eaten like this before? Please share your thoughts.

See you tomorrow!

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