October 10


Kate Middleton is NOT trapped in Princess Diana’s shadow!

During a recent visit to the dentists I flicked through an popular woman’s magazine. One of the headlines was:

Kate:Trapped In Diana’s Shadow

What a load of tosh!kate

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge had never seemed in the shadow of Princess Diana to me so I was curious. As I suspected there was no substance whatsoever to the article. It was based on both Kate Middleton and Princess Diana being photographed wearing green dresses, giving birth at the same hospital and a few other “non-facts”

The only way Kate is in Diana’s shadow is if she thinks she is. The beliefs that we have about ourselves and our situation are what keep us stuck and  “in the shadows”

Comparing yourself to others (whoever you are) is likely to make you feel like you aren’t good enough, it is a form of self sabotage! Being afraid of not being good enough will stop you from trying.

Of course there are similarities between Kate and Diana, most importantly both love(d) William and both are loved by William, why does anybody have to be in the shadows?

Now obviously I have no idea whether Kate feels like she is in Princess Diana’s shadow but if a client of mine felt they were in the shadow of someone or something I’d tell them that they have a choice:

“Stay in the shadows or step into the sunshine, it’s your choice”


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