December 10


Are you just existing or really living?

I’ve had discovery calls with lots of women lately who tell me they feel like they are just existing instead of living. One woman felt life would be better when she had a close friend to talk to because her existing ones were all self absorbed.Another felt like she needed her husband to be more supportive of her business.Another just needed to lost 2 stone… oh and this time to keep it off!

I know how it feels!  I was just existing for a long time. I would tell myself…

If only I had more time…

If only I had more energy…

If only my teenager wasn’t such hard work…

If only my husband understood…

If only I had a friend who would go to an excercise class with me because I hate going on my own…

If only my boss didn’t keep changing the goal posts…

If only that person at work wasn’t such a backstabber…


Thankfully I learned to stop just existing

What I eventually learned is that I didn’t need any of those things to start feeling like I was really living and fulfilling my potential.


It all started with me. I taught the people around me how to treat me. Once I made the “interal upgrades” the positive change rippled into EVERY area of my life


I had no time because I felt like I should say yes to everyone or that I needed to do things myself so they were done “properly”


I had no energy because I wasn’t looking after myself


I couldn’t make my husband understand or change my boss or the backstabber but I could have communicated how I felt though, I could have set boundaries and I could have managed how I felt and reacted about things…


There are always lots of answers to things in hindsight but when we are going through it we can be too close to the issue. Our emotions can mean we just don’t think clearly


Do you ever feel like that? Like you know you have so much more potential yet you are going round in circles. In January were you full of hope and enthusiam yet now the year is almost up and once again you are just existing,  you are no further forward or at least not as far forward as you hoped you would be?


Well you are not alone!


But it’s ok, I’ve got the answer…



If you want to achieve more and really fulfill your potential in the next 12 months book a discovery call to see if we are a good fit to work together


I will help you to stop the procrastination and dithering and self doubt. Basically you will no longer feel like you are just existing…


It is time to have a life or business that you love, that is fun and easy and successful… however you define success!


It is time to finally Get Clarity, Take Action & See Results


You will:


  • Identify the goals you really want and are most likely to achieve!
  • Create your own personalised 3 Step Success Strategy.
  • Get into action and create huge momentum to keep on going.
  • And much, much more!


It’s time to stop just existing and really start living!

Its time to stop the dithering and self-doubt and get laser focused clarity so you start taking action that gets results

Book a complimentary Discovery Call at


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