June 10


I’m not normal but I’m happy

i-m-not-normal-t-shirt_designYou know what I flipping love my life at the moment. Its not a bed of roses. I argue with my husband sometimes, shout at the kids sometimes and sometimes I even go to McDonalds on my own because I’m feeling sorry for myself even though I wish I ate healthy all the time.


I’ve also got lots of family stuff going on that a few years ago I have no idea how I would have coped with on top of the stress of my job.  Plus I’m skint because although I have 2 businesses I’m still paying off debt from when my body said “enough is enough” and I had to leave my job BUT I’m free and I’m happy. Not financially free yet but I will be.



 My daughter is at university and I wish I could afford to give her more money… but I can drop everything to go and see her when I want to. My son doesn’t think its fair that he has to wait until his birthday for a new phone or that he can’t have a new pair of trainers even though the ones he has are still perfect. Now though he takes for granted that I can go and watch his school football matches whatever time they are..


A few year ago it was different, I earned a good salary and if he wanted new trainers there was a good chance he got them, but he took for granted that l wouldn’t be at school football matches and although I made important school plays like Christmas there were lots that I couldn’t go to.  He didn’t mind, there were usually more grandparents than parents at some of them and at the time I didn’t mind because that was normal to me just like lots of other parents plus I enjoyed my job.


I used to accept that it was normal to have debt… it is normal (whatever that means) and often unavoidable but it kept me trapped. So long as I stayed in a job that was draining the life out of me the debt wasn’t an issue… it was just one of many household expenses.


Now I like not being normal….


I love my coaching business but often its lonely and hard work, I do it and will always do it because I love helping people fulfil their potential. I also love network marketing because I work with a team of amazingly supportive people who love helping others fulfil their potential, sometimes that is by helping them build a business, sometimes that is by recommending products that have been used for centuries yet normal society prefers pills and sometimes that is by building schools in Africa etc.


Often I wish I found network marketing years ago but actually I would have turned my nose up at it then. My preconceptions would have told me it was a scam and if I saw past that my ego would have asked me “what would people think?”


Thankfully I have a more open mind that I used to about what normal is, despite always thinking that I was open minded :) I also have my ego in check more these days. I know that my ego just wants to keep me safe as do my loved ones who still worry that my dreams are unachievable and I will be disappointed.


But you know what normal and safe is ok for some people, it was ok for me for a long time but not anymore. I know I will achieve everything on my vision board even if the timescales aren’t quite right.


I did think vision boards were a bit woo-woo but now when I look at mine it reminds me what I want out of life and why I want it so instead of giving up like “most people” when things don’t go to plan I look for the lesson and keep on going because that is what successful do.


Oh… and when I say successful I don’t mean they live in a big house and drive a nice car… I mean they have the things they want but ALSO they do the things they want to do, when they want to do them and they enjoy their live, basically they have freedom.


I don’t want a normal life I want a free life and I want to teach my kids that they can be, do and have anything they want and that normal is fine but so is not being normal.


So the moral of the story is whether you are normal or not normal be purposeful about it! If you live life on purpose you will be a heck of a lot happier and teaching others to do the same


If you have had enough of being “normal” and you are ready to upgrade your life email me at julia@julia-harris.com and we will talk about how I can help.


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