April 7


I love Marie Forleo and EFT!

Have you heard of Marie Forleo?Marie Forleo and EFT image

If you haven’t I urge you to take a look at her website (after you have read my article of course)  MarieForleo.Com I think she is an absolute inspiration!

Everybody, man, woman, parent, non parent could learn something from Marie but if you are a woman interested in personal development in general or you want to learn more about marketing or growing a business then take a look.

Marie shares some fantastic content on things like overcoming a fear of public speaking, how to balance being a working mum with growing a business, how too overcome fear and self doubt etc, etc

Every Tuesday she does Marie TV which is a video blog. If you sign up to receive Marie’s emails you will receive her latest episode. Marie TV is a must watch. I always take something away and her love of life and her positivity is infectious.

But it was her latest episode of Marie TV that made me want to write this blog post…

A few years ago when I was still employed I was really suffering with stress and anxiety. I tried lots of traditional and complementary techniques to “feel better”

I also read A LOT while I was looking for a magic cure. One of the things I kept reading about was EFT (emotional freedom technique) It is sometimes called tapping and it’s like acupuncture without the needles. Although I’d read lots of great stuff about how it was being used to treat PTSD amongst many other things I was still sceptical. It all sounded a bit “woo woo” to me!

But I was desperate to feel “normal” whatever that means so I was willing to try anything. My inbuilt quest for knowledge meant that I didn’t want to just visit an EFT Practitioner, I actually wanted to be one.  Sounds a bit silly in hindsight when I knew very little about it and had no experience of it working. But anyway I did the  EFT level 1 course and I was really impressed by what I saw and experienced. EFT became a big part of my recovery from stress, depression and anxiety and I went on to do the EFT level  2 course. I didn’t however do the paperwork or case studies to actually qualify as an EFT practitioner so I don’t currently use it with clients although I still use tapping on myself when necessary.  Marie’s blog has made me realise though that I am doing clients a disservice by not at least having this resource in my “coaching toolkit”.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think it is a magic cure or that it works for everyone. But I know many people who have been very sceptical,who have found EFT to be beneficial. It can help deal with physical or emotional pain so it is worth a go. If you are curious watch Maries blog. She interviews Nick Ortner who gives a fab explanation of tapping and a demonstration that you can follow along to, go on I dare you, who cares if you look silly! Just come back here and let me know how you got on.

So this blog is me coming out of the EFT fan closet and making a public declaration that before the end of 2013 I will be a qualified EFT Practitioner!


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