February 4


Just Press Pause

Have women forgotten how to recharge and why it is so important because lately I’ve been seeing a lot of posts that MAKE ME MAD!!

I keep seeing posts from women on a mission to change their life (and usually the life of others too) by saying “screw you” to the status quo and doing whatever it takes to build a profitable business around existing commitments.


BUT they are driving themself  INTO THE GROUND trying to do it!!

Some of those people are getting results… but they aren’t sustainable… some of those people are getting ZERO results because they are drowning in to-do lists, switching from one thing to the next, never finishing anything and doubting themself more and more every day. Meanwhile they are getting headaches, mouth ulcers, skin problems, tummy troubles, back ache, bronchitis, chest pains, having sleepless nights etc etc because they are constantly ON and slowly (or not so slowly in some cases) burning out!

The worst thing is they know that their body is screaming out at them to slow down… but they don’t… they don’t believe they can do things differently!!!




What is the worst that can happen if you take a day off?

Would it really be that bad? Or is it your beliefs about what would happen? Is it your beliefs about letting people down?
Maybe you would go back into your business not only feeling refreshed but with CLARITY about the things that you are doing in your business that don’t add value.

You probably know that 20% of what you do gets 80% of results but when you are caught in that world of overwhelm and hustle you cant see what that 20% is. That day off will make you MORE PRODUCTIVE when you go back into your business. Being more productive makes you MORE MONEY! Come on Ladies, be a leader PRESS THE PAUSE button, then go out and kick some ass!!!!

If you are a lover of podcasts then I HIGHLY recommend you check out James Wedmore’s “Mind Your Business” podcast. He is a perfect exemple of someone who built a 7 figure business without “hardwork and hustle”


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