October 18


Are You Brave Enough To Make The World A Better Place?

I would like to bet that if you could change the world and make it a better place you would. Sadly if I asked most people if they could change the world, they would say no.

The thing is you can…

We can all change the world

You can change the world for the better just by being the best version of you. It’s not easy though, being the best version of you takes bravery!

You might not think of being your best self as something you need bravery but keep reading, and I’m going to tell you why courage is exactly what it takes.

The best version of you is the REAL YOU…

It’s not the version of you that conforms and fits in for an easy life. When you are living life as the best version of you or at least working towards that version of you then you are happier, you are calmer, you have less stress and more joy!

10 year ago if somebody had suggested I needed more joy in my life I would either have laughed like a madwoman or looked at them like they were mad. I definitely didn’t think it was something I needed, had time for or should have. To be honest I probably wouldn’t have thought that I deserved it either.

If you’d asked if I was happy though I would have said yes. I loved my kids with a passion, I had a nice house, a decent car and for the most part, I loved my job too. Despite thinking I was happy I rarely experienced joy.

I did experience stress, overwhelm and exhaustion because I was everything to everybody. After all, that is what women are taught to be if they want to be a good wife, mother, daughter etc. I’d also bought into the whole “exhaustion is a badge of honour” thing too.

Exhaustion is not a badge of honour

Exhaustion is a killer and exhausted people are not happy, and they don’t change the world. Exhausted people numb out and role model that behaviour to others.

When I was exhausted from constantly putting myself last I was doing a decent job of taking care of others at home and at work and generally doing what was expected of me. But I was not being my best self, and I was not changing the world.

Actually, I was part of the problem because I was choosing to just accept things the way they were rather than believing I could change things.Thankfully things changed for me. Not because I was brave enough to change them but because my job circumstances changed and stress and staying the same was simply not an option

Thankfully things changed for me. Not because I was brave but because my job changed and the stress became so unbearable that staying the same was simply not an option. You might have heard that people don’t change until they hit rock bottom, but it is possible to change without things getting that bad. But it takes bravery.

Are you brave enough?

I’m not talking about brave enough to do a presentation or go skydiving. I’m talking about brave enough to say yes to you, even if that means saying no to others.

Are you brave enough to stop buying into the myth that good wives have perfect homes?

Being the best version of you means you learn to love who you are, flaws and all and stop seeking outside validation through the job you do or the car you drive or the clothes you wear. It means not worrying about conforming or about being different and therefore standing out, and that takes bravery.

Being the REAL YOU will change the world

When you get comfortable with being the  REAL YOU and therefore the best version of you, then a whole lot of good stuff happens. You will:

  • be happier
  • calmer
  • less stressed
  • nicer to be around
  • have more fun

But most importantly working towards being the best version will ripple out to others as you role model that behaviour to others who then have the courage to do the same and that makes the world a better place!

One of the sabotaging behaviours that many women have is being a people pleaser and saying yes when they want to say no or not speaking up about how they feel in case they upset anyone. The problem is they feel end up feeling like a resentful and unappreciated.

If that sounds like you then I have got just the thing. Check out my 5-day free training:

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