April 29


Why I’m Avoiding My Grumpy Husband

The universe loves to test me when I am super busy.

My husband is on holiday from a job he hates so should be happy but has decided to spend the week complaining about a whole host of irrelevant issues.

Our lease car is due for renewal and when he heard the quote the new agreement he decided to go all huffy and have a rant about money.

Personally I thought what we had been quoted was reasonable but he was in “one of those moods” so…

I decided to go shopping so I could leave the grumpy husband to it and then do some work away from his grumpiness in a local coffee shop. 

A few year ago the grumpy husband being on a rant about money on top of the problems my parents are giving me (whole different story) would have really brought me down and made me spin into self doubt so I’d been congratulating myself in Asda that his moods no longer affect me and that PayPal was dinging while I was shopping.

Then I came out of Asda to see that some prat had reversed into my car and left a HUGE dint before driving off!

A few year ago seeing my treasured car with a huge dint on top of a tough week with my parents and my husband being a grumpy sod might have finished me off but instead I’m super grateful for the reminder of how far I’ve come and how lucky I am.

I’be rang ahead and warned grumpy husband that he now has a reason to be grump about so hopefully he will have calmed down by the time I get home but until then I’m enjoying peace and quiet with coffee and a cupcake while I prepare for tomorrows webinar.

What are you grateful for RIGHT NOW?


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