June 3


Get Focused Get Results

Want better results? Get focused!

Is there something that has been on your To Do list that its time to finally get done?

… even if you would rather stick pins in your eye than do that thing?

Maybe your To Do list is only in your head but there is still that one task that you know would help you make money but even the thought of planning it gives you the heebygeebies.

Yeah I know its scary, I know its easier to faff about on Facebook because that is where your customers hang out but its time to get focused!

C’mon though watching that cute baby goat video during precious “business time” doesn’t help you make money!!

I hear from women every day that they want to talk to more people about their business at events or start doing videos or making more phone calls…

You may have lots of things on your To Do list and not know where to start…

No problem!

Write everything down, get it out of your head onto paper…Its time to declutter your brain and minimise distractions so you don’t have the “I haven’t got time” excuse getting in your way!

When you have your list split everything on your list into 1 of 3 categories

  • Do it – Things that will add value to your business that you want to do within the next 4 weeks
  • Ditch it – Things that don’t add value to your business
  • Delegate it – Things that could be better done by someone else so you can focus on your strengths
  • Keep it for later – For those fab distractions ideas that you aren’t ready to ditch but you know they are just a reason to procrastinate

Now take your “Do It” list and pick 1 thing that you can get focused on  TODAY and… DO IT!!

If you list is full of big tasks that can’t be done in 1 day then break each project into easy to manage chunks. Let’s say one of the things on your list is to do your first webinar and you’ve been putting it off for months because not only does the thought fill you with dread but you don’t even know where to start…

One thing you could do today in that case is…..

  • Ask for help
  • Decide a topic
  • Start researching webinar platforms
  • Put time in your calendar to start researching webinar platforms
  • Google “best webinar platforms’

….get the picture?

so what are you waiting for, get get stuff done!


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