May 21


4 Ways Fear Will Destroy Your Happiness

Fear is something you might not think about too often but I guarantee that any problems in your life have some form of fear at their heart.  If you want more happiness in your life or even a particular area of your life then take a 30 minute break to watch this video.

If the first thing you think is that you don’t have 30 minutes to watch a video then no wonder you are unhappy….

Maybe you think happiness is something that will happen “later” when you have all of your ducks in a row…

Maybe you think you aren’t worthy of being happy…

Then you are wrong!

You need to change your perspective RIGHT NOW!

You and your future happiness are worth investing in!

…oh and by the way wanting to be happy is not selfish. Your happiness has a positive effect on everyone around you. You know I’m right so stop putting happiness off, watch the video and let me know which fear resonates most with you.

In the video I mention 4 fears that will destroy your happiness:

  1. Fear of being judged
  2. Or, fear of making yourself ill
  3. The very common, fear that you get what you want but lose it, or OMG realise that’s not what you REALLY want after all
  4. I’ve left the biggie to last…fear of upsetting others

You will also discover the simple ABC formula for overcoming your blocks so that you can finally have more happiness and more success

Uncover your hidden blocks

I also mention a worksheet that will help you uncover the hidden blocks that are sabotaging your success.  You can get it by clicking here 

Believe me this is a powerful exercise and no matter how self aware you think you are I guarantee that if you take the time to do this exercise you will uncover something in your subconscious that has been blocking you.

Question For Reflection:

What is the cost of you continuing to hold yourself back so that your life stays the same?

Action Point:

Download the instructions for my favourite exercise to uncover the hidden blocks that are holding you back.

Get it here ==> FREE pdf: Uncovering Hidden Blocks 



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