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Dealing With The Unknown

Unpredictability is always part of our lives but right now the level of the unknown is off the scale. No matter how much we plan and prepare, we don’t know what tomorrow brings. For some of us, this is a terrifying thought. For others, the mystery is one of the best things about life. No matter which group you fall in, these nine tips will help you deal with an unpredictable life

1|Accept The Unpredictable

I know it’s easier said than done but you need to work on accepting that life is unpredictable, especially while the world is adapting to COVID-19. You can’t predict what trials and tribulations will come your way, just like you can’t predict what blessings will at some point fall into your lap. Keep an open mind, and don’t fear the unknown, if you can’t embrace the unknown then at least know that you will survive it.

2|Keep a Positive Attitude

Not every unpredictable event that happens to you is a disaster. Many unpredictable but positive things will happen to you as well. When something negative happens to you, there might be a silver lining in there somewhere, even if you don’t immediately see it. For example, there will be people who hate their job who are ultimately made redundant but find a new job that they love.

3|Plan for What You Can

Even when life is unpredictable, there are things you can control. Plan for the worst, and hope for the best is what I always tell people. You don’t have to go into full prepper mode, but having a plan for potential issues in the future is smart. Even better? Have a backup plan as well.

4|Focus on The Present

If you spend all your time worrying about the future or regretting the past, you will miss out on actually living life in the moment. If you are anxious about the future, try focusing on today, and the things you can control right now.

5|Set Long Term Goals That You Can Control

While living in the present is a good idea, you should also have some long-term goals. While the rest of your life swirls around in unpredictability, at least you know you are working on something within your control. You can use these long-term goals as guiding lights when things get dark. Think about where you are going to go on holiday once quarantine ends or which friends you are going to meet with face to face.

6|Connect to A Higher Purpose

Whether you choose religion, spirituality, or a cause you care about, connecting to a higher purpose has been shown to decrease unpredictability-based anxiety AND depression. You might not know what’s coming next, but at least you will understand why you are here

7|You Got This

Never underestimate your ability to cope through whatever life throws at you. Yes, life is unpredictable, but you are resilient. Don’t believe me? Think about all of the challenges you have overcome in the past. They may not have been fun, but you persevered and are here to tell the story.

8|Take Care of Your Self

Your ability to deal with the unpredictable improves when you practise regular self-care. You need to take steps to ensure you have a healthy body AND a healthy mind. This way, you will be at your best when you do need to deal with something unpredictable.

9|What About Your Friends?

If you struggle with unpredictability, then knowing you have loved ones you can count on is very reassuring. If something goes wrong, who can you turn to in your time of need? If someone else has something go wrong, who will you help out? Answering these questions can help you feel more at ease almost instantly.


Take some time to think about the unpredictable things that worry you the most. Divide a sheet of paper into 3 columns and write each of your answers in the left-most column

Using the middle column, go through your list of worries and write down the worst-case scenario beside each one. This might seem counter-intuitive, but often the worst-case scenario isn’t as bad as your worry warrants. And if it is terrible, at least you can acknowledge it and prepare for it

Using the right-most column, write down the best-case scenario for each worry. This will help boost your positivity, so we saved it for last. It will also help you realise that unpredictable doesn’t mean bad! Sometimes it can be good – really good


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