March 26


7 Choices that Calm Mums make CONSISTENTLY

Mums have more to juggle than ever before…

Life is more stressful than ever but choices that you make day in and day out affect whether you stay stressed and feeling guilty or you start taking small steps towards a calmer, more balanced life.


1 | Choose to slow down when you are feeling frazzled. Those feelings are telling you something, a calm mum knows to listen to her body

2 | Choose to look for the lesson in everything that doesn’t go to plan. If you didn’t get that job, instead of thinking “I’m not good enough” think about what you can do next time to make yourself even more awesome

3 | Choose to ask for help. Overwhelmed? Ask for physical and/or emotional support, it’s a sign of strength and courage, not weakness.

4 | Choose not to compare yourself or your children to others. Your child may well be the last to be potty trained, so what! Stressing about it doesn’t help you or your child

5 | Choose not to feel guilty, Guilt is a wasted emotion and is often linked to comparing ourselves to others so STOP IT!

6 | Choose to see the positive in every situation. If your mother in law offers to do some housework for you SAY YES! See it as a gift not as a criticism that you aren’t a good mum.

7 | Choose to focus on small steps in the right direction. Pick one of the choices above and make it a habit!

What do you choose to do differently? leave a comment below, I’d love to know.


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  • Great post Julia!

    I love No’s 4 & 5! I’m always comparing my daughters learning stage with other kids and then feeling guilty that maybe I don’t read enough with her, or do enough homework with her.

    Gosh it’s the guilt and the stress of feeling guilty that creates even more stress and guilt!

    A great reminder. Thank you! :)

    • You’re welcome, thanks for the feedback Jo, I know exactly what you mean! Guilt and stress can just be a vicious circle. If I find myself feeling guilty about something I ask myself what I would say to my daughter in the future if she was in the same situation and asked for advice. It usually makes me realise that I’m being too hard and myself!

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