March 6


Musings Of A Bad Mother

I thought I was a bad Mother
I’d shout for no good reason
I missed school plays

I’d make excuses not to bake with them
I forgot to take them to friends parties
I often forgot to give them dinner money for school

I was too tired to play with them when I got home from work
When Ellie started to fight me about wearing a vest I stopped making her (much to my mother in laws horror)
I let William go to school without brushing his teeth when I didn’t have the strength to make him

I didn’t know how to be better though

I felt guilty all the time, they deserved more!
I’d like to say I put them first but really I put my job first
I worked part time hours… no sorry… I got paid part time hours but…

I took work home to keep on top of things
I stayed late for meetings so I wouldn’t miss out
I took stress and frustration home because I couldn’t switch off

Now I know better

I know I wasn’t a bad Mother

I know that I didn’t have to be a better Mum I simply needed to be the best version of me. And I know that being the best version of me is simple…

The best version of me let’s others help more because I deserve time out
The best version of me doesn’t worry about what others think because other people aren’t important
The best version of me doesn’t get stressed by a messy house. Life is too short to do things that aren’t useful or fun

The best me sets boundaries which make me a better mum and a better business owner. So now I have more energy for me, my family and my business
The best me knows when to say no to others. And when to say yes to me so that I have more time for the important things on life

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