June 18


Feeling Crappy? Learn To Act As If…

If you want to change how you feel simply act as if you feel a certain way.

Start by asking yourself these 5 questions…

Its entirely normal and absolutely ok to have an “off day” but happy, successful and fulfilled people don’t let a bad day spiral out of control into a bad week or worse!

We all have faulty thought processes to some extent but they are simply habits. Happy, successful, fulfilled people have learned to switch to healthier thought patterns.

Next time you are having a bad day you could ask yourself “why me?” or you could start asking yourself better questions like…

1| What caused me to feel like this?

Take responsibility here, its easy to think “my husband being inconsiderate made me feel like this” but what could you have done differently?

Did you sulk when he did that inconsiderate thing or did you sit down with him and have an open and honest conversation about how you feel?

2 | What can I learn from this?

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I believe there is “no failure only feedback” in other words there is always a lesson to learn or every mess has a message.

Its not always easier to see when you are in the middle of that mess but its a lot easier to bounce back when you have faith that whatever happens everything is going to be ok

3| Do I want to feel differently?

This might seem like an odd question, you might think “of course I want to feel better” but its ok to wallow in self pity, anger, sadness or overwhelm (whatever it is you’re feeling) for a little while. Sometimes we just need time out. The message in the mess may well be that you need to be kinder to yourself. If thats the case make sure you own that feeling, you aren’t a victim, you can choose to be angry if you want but put a deadline on it.

When someone has hurt you be angry but if you stay angry its you who feels bad so set yourself a time limit to stay angry before you choose to feel differently

4| How could I feel differently?

There are lots of things you could do change how you feel…

You could have a good bitch or seek revenge. Or you could talk things over with any other parties who are involved. You could drown your sorrows in a bottle of wine. What if you simply buted your head in the sand or keep yourself busy to take your mind off things. You could do some exercise or go for a walk in nature. There are a whole host of things you COULD do… somethings are constructive, somethings are avoidance or worse still destructive.

One sure fire way to change how you feel is start to act as if you feel the way you want feel. So if you want to feel happy stick a smile on your face and dance round the room. If you want to feel full of energy do some star jumps or run up and down the stairs. If you want to feel confident stand in a confident pose. It may sound too simplistic but research has proven that acting as if you feel a certain way actually changes the chemicals in your body

5| What will I do to feel differently?

When you’ve thought about all of the things you COULD do make a choice about what you WILL do (and when) Whatever you choose to do you need to do so with with full consciousness about the short term and long term results. My advice…

Give it a go and leave me a comment letting me know how it goes!


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