March 18


13 Productivity Killers You need To Eliminate

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, yet some people seem to get way more done than others. Are any of these common productivity killers getting in the way of your personal or business life?

Killer #1: Too much on your plate is one of the top productivity killers. Women often take on tasks even when they already have a full plate. Often this is because we don’t like letting people down are we want things done a particular way, you might  believe you can get everything done but…. maybe you need to learn to say no! If you keep spreading yourself too thin, for too long, your quality of work, your health and your sanity will eventually suffer. 

Killer #2: Not getting enough sleep can kill your productivity. I’m not telling you to get 10 hours of sleep. Everyone’s body is different. But research says most people need 7 to 8 hours to be fully rested.

Killer #3: Not getting enough exercise can kill your productivity as well. Physical activity keeps your mind healthy as well as your body. Just a simple walk around the block can clear your mind so you are ready to start on a task when you return.

Killer #4: Not enough time for yourself. Not only do you need enough sleep, you need time to yourself. This means taking short breaks throughout the day and regular quality time off to recharge your batteries

Killer #5: Not eating a healthy diet. Junk food, sweets, fats and processed foods all make your body weak, overweight and sick while slowing your immune system. If your immune system is already affected I would suggest a health kick start with a detox

Killer #6: You’re not motivated by what you’re doing. Are you bored with what you are doing? It is hard to get motivated in the morning because you don’t enjoy what the day has to offer? Figure out what you love to do to; being passionate and excited leads to being more productive.

Killer #7: Your personal relationships aren’t in balance. Frustration, fighting, and friction among your family or friends can take a toll on your energy. Find ways to reduce this stress.

Killer #8: Your finances are causing you stress. Financial stress is a big distraction to a lot of people. It takes our mind and time away from doing things we want to be doing.

Killer #9: There’s no one to hold you accountable. If you aren’t held responsible for your actions, you can easily not get things done. Hint, a coach works perfectly in this situation :)

Killer #10: You don’t know what to do next. You don’t know what your next step should be….. again, if this is your problem you need a coach!!

Killer #11: Interruptions are a constant in our fast-paced life. Email, people, phone calls are all interruptions that can affect your productivity. Setting boundaries can make a big difference in eliminating distractions… I know someone who could help you with this too… are you spotting a theme?

Killer #12: You haven’t set clear goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely, emotional, and rewarding. (I won’t say it again, you get the picture, right?)

Killer #13: Not planning regularly. Your priorities change and your plan of action should be changing with it.

Not all these things are a problem for everyone. You will have to determine which are affecting your productivity and learn ways to deal with them. You might need to change your eating and sleeping patterns or your financial situation. Whatever is causing you to be less productive can be changed and although you may be able to do it on your own I guarantee that working with the right coach can get you to super productive, super quick!



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