December 3


12 Step Worry Test.

When there is something in your mind that you can’t stop worrying about – try applying the 12 step Worry Test.


1. Will worrying help the situation? Will it make a positive difference?

2. Will it make things worse in the meantime? Will it negatively affect my health, my relationships, my general state of mind?

3. Can I do anything about this? If Yes – then do it. If No – then why worry?

4. What is the worst that can happen? Can I handle that?

5. Is the end result of what I am concerned about something important? Or rather insignificant?

6. Is the degree of worry proportionate to the problem?

7. What can I do to distract myself positively and get me out of this “head space”? (like taking the needle out of a groove in a record.)

8. If things don’t go the way I would like and my worry eventuates, what is one positive result? What can I learn from, or take, from this?

9. Is there something I need to let go?

10. Is there anything I am not admitting to myself?

11. Do I enjoy worrying?

12. Why should I worry about this?



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