12 Step Worry Test. 

 December 3, 2012

When there is something in your mind that you can’t stop worrying about – try applying the 12 step Worry Test.


1. Will worrying help the situation? Will it make a positive difference?

2. Will it make things worse in the meantime? Will it negatively affect my health, my relationships, my general state of mind?

3. Can I do anything about this? If Yes – then do it. If No – then why worry?

4. What is the worst that can happen? Can I handle that?

5. Is the end result of what I am concerned about something important? Or rather insignificant?

6. Is the degree of worry proportionate to the problem?

7. What can I do to distract myself positively and get me out of this “head space”? (like taking the needle out of a groove in a record.)

8. If things don’t go the way I would like and my worry eventuates, what is one positive result? What can I learn from, or take, from this?

9. Is there something I need to let go?

10. Is there anything I am not admitting to myself?

11. Do I enjoy worrying?

12. Why should I worry about this?


Julia Harris

About the author

Julia Harris is The Upgrade Coach. She works with smart women who understand that the only thing holding them back from fulfilling their potential is the unhelpful thinking patterns keeping them trapped and the habits that they keep falling back into.

If you want to upgrade your life or business you start by upgrading your thoughts.

Julia Harris

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